Visa Information:

(we only give information – we do not issue visa)
The Visa Application Form is in the download area

Issuing Embassy Embassy of the Republic of Sambia
Axel Springer-Str. 54a
10117 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 206 29 4-0
Fax: +49 30 206 29 419
E-Mail: info@zambia.embassy.de
Website: www.zambiaembassy.de
Contact: Mr. Schauer, Extension 22 
Opening hours: Monday – Thursday 09.00 am – 04.00 pm
Friday 09.00 am – 01.00 pm
Saturday/Sunday closed
Visa information You can get the visa at the boarder, at the airport or at the embassy. The Visa Application Form and the required documents are the same.
Costs: (border/airport) 24 hours – USD 20,-
Transit (max. 7 days) – USD 50,-
It is not possible to apply for multiple entry
Maximum 90 days for private people and only 30 days for business people (depends on the decision of the local office)
Single Entry: USD 50,-
Twice Entry:  USD 80,-
Costs: (Embassy in Germany) Single entry – EUR 40,-
Twice entry – EUR 70,-
Multiple entry – EUR 70,-
Bank Connection Embassy of Sambia
Commerzbank Berlin
IBAN: DE 28 1004 000 02 66015701
Purpose: “visa fee”
Duration 1 week from the date of receipt of all required documents and fees (please attach the receipt from the bank to the application)
Required documents
Passport (2 empty pages, guilty for at least 6 months)
2 filled-in application forms
2 recent passport size photographs
Invitation letter (only required for business people)

In order to get the documents returned kindly enclose a stamped addressed envelope (per registered mail recommendable) or order a courier service to pick up your documents.
The extension of the visa is possible but with high fees and must be done max. 30 days before extension of the visa. If you need more than 90 days please contact the Immigration Department in London or Pretoria/South Africa.